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Neil Young’s Pono Music Venture Pursues Club Owners

Posted December 4

We’ve been all over Neil Young’s Pono music initiative because:

A) It’s a bold gambit to reinvent digital music as something that sounds better, and

B) It’s from Neil Young, who is famous enough to talk about it on The Daily Show and Late Night with David Letterman in a way that other technology entrepreneurs are not.

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Neil Young Goes Live with High-Resolution, Pre-Release Album

Posted October 30

neil young orastream psychedelic pill

Neil Young’s foray into high-resolution music formats continues with the pre-release of his next album in a high-fidelity web-streaming format.

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Will Neil Young’s “Pono” Player Really Make Music Sound Better?

Posted October 5

neil young ponoSince the dawn of the digital age, some audiophiles have maintained that new formats from the CD to the MP3 and beyond have degraded sound quality. Ever since we left vinyl, music has sounded like crap, they say. Some of the down-with-digital crew say we need to do away with audio compression and go beyond “CD quality,” increasing the sampling rate of the music we listen to from 44,100 times per second (44.1 kHz) to 192,000 times per second (192 kHz) — while also boosting its bit depth from 16-bit to 24-bit. I myself proposed a similar idea five years ago.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Kickstarter Controversy, Neil Young’s Pono & More

Posted September 28

The weekend is mere hours away. Before you lose your mind completely, here are some links.

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