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Music & Tech Around The Web: Samples On-The-Go, A Case For Vinyl & More

Posted June 19

Did someone says “links?” We didn’t think so. Either way, here’s a whole heap of them for you discerning music and tech folks out there.

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Meet The Nominees: Most Intense Social Spat

Posted May 18

Time for another round of nominees! For this edition of the O Music Awards, we’ve added a whole slew of new categories — including “Most Intense Social Spat.” The web has made it super easy for artists to connect with both fans and each other — for better or worse — and it’s always intriguing to see what musicians have to say sans PR filter. Check out the tweets and posts that made the cutting cut below.

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An Online Store For Everyone Who Coveted Nicki Minaj’s Fried Chicken Necklace: Topdust

Posted December 28

When Nicki Minaj attended the iHeartRadio Music Festival this year wearing a hot pink fried chicken necklace, our hearts were consumed by fiery jealousy. Finally, however, our seething has been sated, as music news site Popdust has launched an online storefront where we may purchase such fast food-inspired fare, as well as other musician-related fashion items.

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When You’re Nicki Minaj, Madonna & M.I.A. Will Say “Happy Birthday” To You on Facebook

Posted December 12

As someone whose birthday is right around the corner (hint, hint), I know what to expect: A smattering of phone calls and texts, and, inevitably, a torrent of “Happy Birthday” messages littering my Facebook Wall. I won’t delude myself, however, into thinking that my b’day tidings will be anything like Nicki Minaj’s.

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Best Animated GIF

Posted April 26

Our own Twitter Jockey Gabi (@MTVTJ) just announced the winner for “Best Animated GIF”.  The competition was stiff but there was a strong contingent of gum chewing, finger twirling Barbz who pushed one GIF to O Music Award victory!

Click here to watch the video of who won Best Animated GIF!