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Musician Creates Interactive Air Organ With Vine

Posted April 26

Back when video-sharing service Vine dropped in January, we speculated on all the myriad ways musicians could use the service. Now, slowly but surely, bands and companies are rolling out tools and projects that take advantage of the service’s functionality. The most recent entrant into the Vine/music world? Musician Noah Wall, who created an interactive song/instrument using Vine, an air organ, and a passel of household objects.

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4 Bands Who Have Used Scavenger Hunts To Reward Loyal Fans

Posted September 27

Let’s face it: The practice of checking out an album pro bono online is just getting too easy. Embedded album streams on music blogs, listening parties in apps like — there’s no effort there. The Web is flooded with free streams, the aim of which is to net the most exposure possible for a band — not to reward tried and true diehards with a pre-glimpse into their favorite band’s new work. That all changes with apps like Bob Dylan’s recently released Sound Graffiti, yet another addition to the recent “album scavenger hunt” trend that’s been sweeping the music world of late.

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Musician Imagines Synesthetic Technology In New Video

Posted January 4

The past few years saw a bevy of musicians turning to new tech like HTML5 to create awesome, interactive videos. For his new video, “Blue Station,” Noah Wall gives his own spin on the phenomenon, using a fictional technology called “Colormind” to condense Paul Newman’s classic film Hud into just over two minutes.

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Musician Launches Google Maps Scavenger Hunt For Cassettes and Vinyl

Posted October 6

New York musician Noah Wall is making his fans work for his new album, HÈLOÏSE. Wall has hidden copies of the disc — on vinyl and cassette — around Manhattan, providing fans with a digital map in order to locate the merch.

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