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Occupy Wall Street Gets a Website For Musicians

Posted November 21

Occupy Wall Street has become a worldwide movement that’s also akin to a kind of music festival — impelling many a musician to visit the protests and perform. Now, those musicians have their own website from which to organize: OccupyMusicians.com.

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Black Lips Tweet “Raw Meat” Video, Support For Occupy Wall Street

Posted November 15

Many a citizen’s ire was raised Tuesday when New York City police in riot gear removed Occupy Wall Street protesters from Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park. As if on cue, the Black Lips dropped their new video for the song “Raw Meat,” in which the band plays crooked New York City cops.

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Tom Morello Honored For Most Memorable Occupy Wall Street Performance

Posted October 31

Remember how the O Music Awards are offbeat and outrageous? Well, get ready for an eleventh hour announcement: We are presenting a brand new honor today — to Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and The Nightwatchman for Most Memorable Occupy Wall Street performance.

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