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Kickstarter Of The Week: of Montreal Wants To Make A Documentary

Posted November 16

It’s every band’s megalomaniacal dream: Achieve enough fame and glory that someone goes and creates a documentary about you. Well, in this Internet age, bands don’t have to wait for some director with pockets full of cash to come around and call them his/her muse — they can crowdfund their own histories. of Montreal is one band doing just that, raising cash on Kickstarter to finish their feature-length documentary, Song Dynasties.

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Listen To of Montreal & Deerhoof Via Anachronism

Posted December 15

First cassettes and now this: It seems that the flexi disc is winnowing its way back into fashion. Joyful Noise has just launched its 2012 Flexi Disc Series, an offering that includes 12 single-sided flexi discs from the likes of Akron/Family, Danielson, Dead Rider (ex US Maple), Deerhoof, Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Lou Barlow (Sebadoh/Dinosaur Jr.), Make Believe (ex Cap’n Jazz/Owls/Joan of Arc), of Montreal, Racebannon, Rafter, Richard Swift, and Tortoise.

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