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Could Pandora Presents Be A Boon To Touring Musicians Of All Ilks?

Posted January 18

A white-shirted dude hugs his own torso in ecstasy then busts out a truly inspired range of air instruments (guitar, drums, even keyboards), finishing his one-man band act by taking the role of the lead singer, turning toward the rest of the crowd, biting his lip and nodding his head with barely contained pride. A tiny, dance-sweat-drenched girl accepts a bottle of water from the bassist (a discarded pick already in her pocket) and claps her hands under her chin with rapture. She turns to her skinny, tattooed friend, who sighs, “Man, I just want to hug that Tim guy.” Nope, they’re not talking about any member of the band before them, but Timothy Westergren, co-founder of Pandora.

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