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Add Kickass Drums To Any Track With The Bonhamizer

Posted February 21

Drummers: Ever get freaked out that your band members are plotting to replace you with some canned beats due to your bad attitude/lack of rhythm/propensity for bashing your head against the cymbals when drunk? Well, you best get terrified, as there’s a little hack out there that effectively renders you obsolete: The Bonhamizer.

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Want To Create A Truly Eclectic Playlist? Boil The Frog!

Posted January 15

It can be difficult to create a playlist that’s both diverse and cohesive — eclectic without being jarring. For those of you out there willing to undertake the task, however, there’s Boil The Frog.

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Infinite Gangam Style Hack Is The Song That Never Ends — Literally

Posted October 31

It’s about as inevitable as getting the chicken pox — no matter how hard you try to avoid it, at some point you will fall prey to K-Pop sensation Psy’s insanely catchy jam, “Gangam Style.” For those who have thus far avoided it (IE, the under-the-rock dwellers), we suggest making this little hack your first introduction to the phenomenon: Infinite Gangam Style.

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Take Your Daughter To Hack Day With: Paul & Jennie Lamere

Posted August 16

Music Hack Day is an international 24-hour event where programmers, designers and artists come together to conceptualize, build and demo the future of music. Software, hardware, mobile, web, instruments, art — anything goes as long as it’s music related. At a Music Hack Day, you have 24 hours to build something cool and then show it off to your peers. It is a fun way to learn about something new, to be immersed in music technology for a weekend, and to hang out with lots of really smart, interesting people who love music and building things.

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Going On A Roadtrip? Here’s How To Make The Perfect Playlist

Posted July 13

Going on a roadtrip this weekend and can’t find the right tunes to accompany all the winding roads, unplanned pitstops and strange phenomena (sorry, I automatically “equate road trip” with “horror movie,” don’t mind me)? Luckily, one brainy techie has a hack for that.

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