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Our Favorite #Drumathon Moments

Posted June 25

Although it’s been almost a week since Andrew W.K. crushed the record for the longest drum session in a retail store at our 24-hour O Music Awards show, we’re still reeling from all the glorious memories we’ve made. The drumathon was replete with amazing, shining moments — from collaborations between top-notch musicians to surprise visits from prestigious Internet cats. Check out some of our favorites below.

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Epic #Drumathon Moment Two: Cuba Gooding Jr. Brings More Cowbell

Posted June 24

A new week has dawned, but we’re still reeling over here at OMA HQ — remembering epic moments from our 24-hour live music festival/awards show. And a goodly portion of those moments, friends, came from our amazing drumathon, in which Party King Andrew W.K. set a new world record for the longest drum session in a retail store in New York City. Today, we’re primed to share one of our favorite such memories: Specifically, that time when Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. just straight up crashed our drumathon to dole out some cowbell.

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Epic #Drumathon Moment One: Andrew W.K. Drums With Questlove & Hanson

Posted June 21

Hey there, kids! We have weathered the storm, emerging from our 24-hour online music festival/awards show/cat-extravaganza unscathed! Now, it’s time to reflect on some of our favorite moments. The first? How about the time that Party King Andrew W.K., Questlove and Hanson all rocked out on the drums?

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And The O Music Awards Nominees Are…

Posted May 16

Get ready, mouth-frothing friends — it’s time to vote! The O Music Awards kick off TODAY, May 16, with a whole passel of new categories and nominees on Did your favorite band/app/whatever get a nod? Find out below!

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The O Music Awards Are Coming Back On June 19!

Posted May 1

Strap your palpitating heart into your chest and slap on some protective shorts, kids — The O Music Awards are coming back on June 19th, complete with a passel of prizes, 24 hours of live music, a day-long drum-a-thon kicked off by Questlove, and, for the first time ever, our brand-new Make A Band Famous category.

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