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Rdio Gets Even More Sleek With Mobile Updates

Posted November 27

Rdio has always been the pretty, pretty princess of music subscription services: IE, its UI is really, really sleek. Now, the service has gone and revamped its iOS and Android apps, adding a suite of tweaks and features that make Rdio even more slick.

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So Bands Are Poor & Subscription Services Are Losing Money. What Now?

Posted November 15

The whole “How can bands make a living in the Internet age?” thing reached a fever pitch of late when Pandora turned to Congress to pass the Internet Radio Fairness Act in an effort to reduce royalty rates for Internet radio services. Bands, accordingly, lashed back — 100 fold — protesting Pandora’s efforts and stating that this move would seriously cut back on the royalties that bands rely on to survive. Cue the barrage of opinion pieces and raised ire on all sides — both music and tech. As of yet, however, no one seems to be offering any new solutions as to how this whole situation can be remedied — and therein lies the rub.

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Three New Ways Musicians Can Get Cash For Tunes

Posted October 9

It’s become a tired old refrain in the music industry of late: “Bands don’t make money from music nowadays! That’s just madness! They make money from touring and merch sales!” Obviously, the question of how musicians can survive in these modern, techie times — replete with streaming services and illegal downloads — is a fraught one, but there are a few new avenues of revenue out there that can help line a band’s pocket. Read on for three.

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Rdio Will Pay Artists A $10 Commission For Every Subscriber They Bring In

Posted October 2

The debate over whether bands are making sufficient money in the digital age is a heated one (see a recent piece about Grizzly Bear and its many offshoots for proof of that). Many would argue that the couple-of-cents-per-stream price tag many services subscribe to severely undervalues a musician’s work, and, it seems, music subscription service Rdio is in total agreement: Today the social music service launched a new initiative called Rdio Artist Program, which aims to pay artists actual money for bringing in subscribers.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Amanda Palmer Sells Ts, SoundCloud Gets Honored & More

Posted August 28

Oh, Tuesday in August, you really do epitomize that Lana jam “Summertime Sadness.” Buck up with some links, kids.

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