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Going On A Roadtrip? Here’s How To Make The Perfect Playlist

Posted July 13

Going on a roadtrip this weekend and can’t find the right tunes to accompany all the winding roads, unplanned pitstops and strange phenomena (sorry, I automatically “equate road trip” with “horror movie,” don’t mind me)? Luckily, one brainy techie has a hack for that.

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Karaoke Hack Makes Improving Your Typing Fun

Posted June 11

Anyone else remember computer classes of the bygone days? Classes in which you were tasked with improving your typing skills via colorful computer programs featuring cats, boats and all manner of tomfoolery? Or am I really old? Let’s pretend you all answered in the affirmative to the first question, because in that case I have a little hack that should be right up your alley: Typing Karaoke.

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30 Seconds To Mars, Neon Hitch, Radiohead & More Score Write-in Nominations

Posted May 31

Attention O Music Awards minions — I mean, fans… You’ve been hard at work for a week now, racking up millions of votes and writing in to nominate all those various and sundry artists/apps/etc that we failed to include in the first round of honorees. Well, we heard you — loud and clear — and we’ve gone ahead and rounded out the joint with NINE more nominees. Check out the full list after the jump and KEEP VOTING. The awards show goes down on June 27, and we expect your tired bones to continue clicking until the very last second.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Rdio, Deezer & YouTube — Oh My!

Posted May 3

Happy Thursday-Is-The-New-Friday! Before you tune out entirely in anticipation of the weekend, check out this lovely collection of links.

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