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Let’s Make 2012 The Year We Google Good Music, Shall We?

Posted December 15

Google is out with its eleventh annual Zeitgeist report (depicting what people around the world are searching for) and, unsurprisingly (and tragically), Rebecca Black grabbed the top spot when it comes to the fastest rising search of 2011. This must needs be curtailed in 2012.

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The Hottest Music Topics on Twitter in 2011: Guess Who Tops The List?

Posted December 5

The world may not have ended back in May (or October, Camping), but we think we can make out the faint outline of the four horsemen galloping across the horizon. The number-one most popular music-related Twitter topic of 2011? Rebecca Black and her infectious jam, “Friday.”

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WTF Wednesday: D. Willz Hearts Rebecca Black

Posted October 12

WTF Wednesday got off to a running start the other week with a memetastic contribution from the band HEALTH. This week, O Music Award nominee for “Best Lyrics Video” and rapper D. Willz shares with us his favorite Internet oddities: Parodies and, of course, Rebecca Black.

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