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Music Licensing Just Keeps Getting Easier: Rumblefish & Audiosocket Both Drop News

Posted December 6

In the ongoing fight to keep musicians in Top Ramen and guitar strings, both Rumblefish and Audiosocket are out with news today about their licensing platforms. Rumblefish is partnering with music distributor CD Baby to make music from its 250,000 indie artists available to content creators, while Audiosocket is launching its MaaS (music as a service) Storefront.

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Add Some Musical Levity To Your Next Cat Video, Thanks To Rumblefish’s New Partnership

Posted November 10

Yes, it’s extremely easy to steal tunes off of the web and use them to score your homemade videos — but, shocker, that’s not legal (which could be a major issue if you ever want to do anything legitimate with that short film you made about the mating habits of swans). Luckily, music licensing company Rumblefish has just entered a partnership with APM Music (a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing) that will make it easier for content creators to stay above board.

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