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Metallica Will Now Offer Their Catalogue On Spotify

Posted December 6

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and longtime rival Napster co-founder/Spotify investor Sean Parker took the stage at a Spotify event today to announce that the band — who recently left their label to found Blackened Recordings — will now offer their music on Spotify. “I felt like our position had always been misunderstood…. Metallica’s position had been misunderstood as well,” Parker says. “Back in ’99, 2000, we were depicted as these greedy pirates that were trying to create a free-for-all…. We just wanted to make music more free as in freedom, not free as in theft.”

“I was stunned by the ease of it,” Ulrich says of Spotify. “It’s easy and user-friendly. It’s set up for the fans.”

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Music & Tech Around The Web: iamamiwhoami Has The Goods, Sean Parker Has A New Service & More

Posted June 5

Here be a bounty of links ripe for the picking — iamamiwhoami, brand-new Spotify apps, a new venture from Sean Parker and more! Snoozeday just got a lot more exciting.

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