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Music & Tech Around The Web: Sonos Updates, Wireless DJing & More

Posted August 9

Happy Almost Freedom Day, everyone! Take in some links (see below) and chill for a bit, why don’t ya?

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Selena Gomez Wins Best Artist With A Cameraphone!

Posted June 27

Apparently, y’all found Selena Gomez pretty damn snappy, because she’s been crowned “Best Artist With A Cameraphone”! Send us a pic of your surprised face, Selena!

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And The Nominees For Best Artist With A Cameraphone Are…

Posted May 18

Can’t stop, won’t stop — we have a whole new passel of nominees for you! The “Best Artist With A Cameraphone” category is back, replete with 10 muso shutterbugs with some serious photosnapping skills.

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MTV Music Meter Monday: Girls’ Chris Owens on Songwriting, Crop Tops & Selena Gomez

Posted October 24

For this edition of MTV Music Meter Monday — in which we highlight a band that’s climbing the digital charts — we talked with Girls’ frontman Christopher Owens about the band’s new album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, songwriting and his affinity for Disney pop princesses.

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