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The Record Store Of The Present Is Global

Posted February 12

The days of High Fidelity are long gone, replaced by the record store of the new millenium: the Internet. The good news is that it has brought the library of the entire planet to our computers. Where we once were at the mercy of music magazines, whose focus was almost entirely on the U.S. and Western Europe, bands from Moscow to Pakistan are available to us through a variety of applications on the Web.

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Bands: What Social Networks Should You Focus On?

Posted January 18

Artists — particularly those that are independent or unsigned and do not have support of major labels or management in handling their social media presence — are often unsure of where to even start. The Q&A portions of music conferences nowadays invariably involve questions about where artists should place their social focus, how widespread their presence should be and what is most likely going to help them get their music heard. In the data provided in Next Big Sound’s recently published State of the Industry report for 2012, there are several insights that artists looking to answer these question can walk away with.

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Hey, DJs, Now You Can Add SoundCloud To The Mix

Posted January 2

Any DJs out there looking to expand their mixing horizons? How about throwing some deep cuts on the digital turntables, courtesy of SoundCloud app SoundCloud DJ?

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The Return Of The Social Music Network: 4 Sites & Services To Watch In 2013

Posted December 7

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be more social in 2013, the music/tech scene totally has you covered. As the new year creeps ever closer, more and more social networks entirely dedicated to music are either adding new features of tossing off their shiny, beta wrappings, allowing fans and bands to interact more than ever before.

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Next SoundCloud Leaves Beta — Available For All

Posted December 4

Way back in May, SoundCloud revealed its brand-new, much more social platform — Next SoundCloud — to a group of beta testers. Now, that platform is available for all — and SoundCloud is citing some pretty impressive numbers.

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