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Kickstarter Campaign Of The Week: Turn NightBus Radio Into An Album

Posted October 26

Remember NightBus Radio, the rolling, cross-country project launched by musician Jack Kennedy, during which he aimed to collaborate with other acts around the country? Well, Kennedy is wrapping up his journey today, and now he’s looking to Kickstarter to turn all the music that he’s made over the course of his journey into an album.

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Leave A Message For Young Guns & They’ll Call You — Maybe

Posted October 18

It’s pretty much every super fan’s dream: Having access to your favorite band/artist’s private line — the ability to pick up the phone, call up your idol and pour your feelings of adulation into his/her most revered ear. Well, Young Guns is affording their fans that opportunity — with a twist. They’re giving fans access to their digits, and any message fans leave will be posted on the Web for all the world to see — er, hear.

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Three New Ways Musicians Can Get Cash For Tunes

Posted October 9

It’s become a tired old refrain in the music industry of late: “Bands don’t make money from music nowadays! That’s just madness! They make money from touring and merch sales!” Obviously, the question of how musicians can survive in these modern, techie times — replete with streaming services and illegal downloads — is a fraught one, but there are a few new avenues of revenue out there that can help line a band’s pocket. Read on for three.

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NightBus Radio Is A Rolling, Cross-Country Radio Station/Recording Studio

Posted September 19

As the creators of a cross-country, record-breaking, bus-bound awards show, we were pretty stoked when we heard about Jack Kennedy’s new online radio show/album project: NightBus Radio.

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