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Music & Tech Around The Web: Amanda Palmer Sells Ts, SoundCloud Gets Honored & More

Posted August 28

Oh, Tuesday in August, you really do epitomize that Lana jam “Summertime Sadness.” Buck up with some links, kids.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Pinterest Gets Loud, Gotye Gets Covered (Again) & More

Posted June 21

The third O Music Awards creeps ever near, and we know you’re about fit to burst from excitement. Postpone said bursting by snacking on some links.

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Now You Can Listen To Soundcloud Jams Within Twitter

Posted June 13

Well here’s an interesting little development: Wednesday, Twitter rolled out new expanded tweets to select partners — including Soundcloud — that allow users to access more data and media without having to click through.

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Soundcloud Founder/Musician Drops Interactive iPad Album

Posted June 7

The concept of matching music to imagery is nothing new, but the advent of technology such as the iPad has undoubtedly made the experience of interacting visually with music much richer. In the case of Soundcloud founder Eric Wahlforss’ new album, Ecclesia, the ancient music of religion receives a makeover courtesy of that most legendary of tablet devices.

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Soundcloud Gets Social With New Update

Posted May 10

Soundcloud has long been a favorite tool among sound creators — it currently has the 15 million users to prove it — however, it has never really been that strong of a social network. Well, if a new update to the service is any indication, that’s all about to change.

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