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1000TimesYes Founder Joins Spin.com

Posted October 11

In an act of intra-categorical incest, @1000TimesYes founder Christopher R. Weingarten has joined Spin.com as its new senior editor.

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The O Music Awards Guilty Pleasure Playlist

Posted September 30

The other week, Facebook announced that music apps like Spotify would be most closely integrated with the social network, so that all of one’s listening activities would be broadcast across the site (if the user so wished). We were totally down with this turn of events — in most cases. But what happens when we just want to blast some Journey and cry it out?

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Music App of the Day: Remix in the Palm of Your Hand, Thanks to Spin

Posted September 20

Start getting ready for any and all dance parties this weekend with a new offering from Spin magazine, who recently partnered with music app ShapeMix to create SPINshapemix.

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Band of the Day Keeps The Judgmental Snobs Away

Posted September 16

If you’re looking to brush up on your music knowledge — or just bust a genre slump — we highly suggest downloading a new iPhone app called Band of the Day.

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