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Music & Tech Around The Web: Steve Jobs’ Yacht, Music Apps Galore & More

Posted October 30

Well, friends, looks like we’ve made it through the worst of the storm. All of us at OMA HQ are still stranded in our respective homes, but are left with life and limb entact. Check out this fine selection of links below and stay safe!

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Opinion: Without Music, Apple Would Be Nothing (Or Maybe Just Irrelevant)

Posted September 13

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Eleven years ago, I watched Steve Jobs unveil the iPod at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. The following week, I made my best prediction to date: that descendents of the iPod would replace the PC, as they are now doing. Gizmodo generously called it the best iPod prediction of all time. A colleague once suggested that I get it printed on my business cards.

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Robyn’s Definition of Digital Genius? Steve Jobs

Posted October 31

Robyn is getting ready to take the mainstage at the O Music Awards later on tonight (8:30pm PDT, to be exact), but she recently took some time out to chat with the O Music Blog about music, technology and her definition of digital genius — hint, she doesn’t consider herself one.

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Wayne Coyne on Steve Jobs: “He Really Seemed Like He Was One Of Us.”

Posted October 26

The O Music Awards recently announced that we will be featuring a musical tribute to Apple co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer Steve Jobs during our show on October 31. We caught up with the frontman of the band behind that tribute — Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips — for his thoughts on the much-lauded digital genius.

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O Music Awards To Honor Steve Jobs With Musical Tribute

Posted October 12

Last week, we lost a true innovator in the digital music sphere: Apple co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer Steve Jobs. To honor all that he has contributed to the space, MTV O Music Awards plan to honor Jobs with a special musical tribute, featuring an up-and-coming artist performing an iconic song.

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