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Meet Best Interactive Music Video Nominee: Tanlines

Posted June 12

The O Music Awards are currently ONE WEEK AWAY, friends. Have you voted for your favorite Interactive Music Video yet? If not, take a moment to consider Tanlines‘ extremely rad video for “Not The Same.”

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Tanlines Render You A Photo Editor In “Not The Same”

Posted February 14

Let’s face it — there are some music videos out there that look like they were cobbled together in some archaic version of Photoshop (they’re there — deep within the annals of YouTube). Today, Brooklyn band Tanlines is out with such a video — however this time, the aesthetic is intentional (and interactive).

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Matchbox 20 Drops 360-Degree Music Video

Posted August 21

Tanlines and Matchbox 20 — these are probably not bands who are often mentioned in the same breath (or paragraph, for that matter), but they do have something in common: Both used GoPano technology to create 360-degree interactive videos.

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And The Nominees For Must Follow Artist On Twitter Are…

Posted May 17

The next edition of the O Music Awards is right around the bend, and we know you’re eager to hear if your favorite band/app/whatever will score a nomination this time around. We’ll be unveiling the full list of categories and nominees on May 23, but, in the meantime, here’s a taste to satiate your mounting hunger: The nominees for “Must Follow Artist On Twitter.”

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WTF Wednesday: Tanlines Are One Blogger’s #1 Fans

Posted March 7

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, a weekly series where we ask bands, “WTF are you looking at — online?” This week, we hit up Tanlines, whose browser history just goes to show that you don’t have to be in a band to have groupies.

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