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Want To Create A Truly Eclectic Playlist? Boil The Frog!

Posted January 15

It can be difficult to create a playlist that’s both diverse and cohesive — eclectic without being jarring. For those of you out there willing to undertake the task, however, there’s Boil The Frog.

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Reebok & Spotify Aim To Make Your Workout Less Painful — Musically

Posted September 20

Unless you’re one of those crazy, sweat-loving masochists, working out is basically just another form of torture — especially if your butt-burning, soul-killing romp on the elliptical is accompanied by whatever hell channel the gym radio is set to. Well, Reebok has teamed up with Spotify and the Echo Nest to create an app that takes some of the pain out of working out. Not the butt-burning pain, sadly — that’s still present and accounted for.

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Nokia Smartphones To Get Musically Customized With Echo Nest Partnership

Posted November 15

There’s really no excuse for having “nothing to listen to” on any handset nowadays. To wit: music intelligence platform The Echo Nest has partnered with Nokia to power a pre-installed personalized radio service called Nokia MixRadio on Nokia handsets.

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Drinkify Gives Whole New Meaning to “Drinking Songs”

Posted November 7

There’s a lot of songs out there that were written about drinking, but what about drinks inspired by songs? That’s the idea behind a brand new music hack called Drinkify.

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EMI Partnering With Echo Nest To Make Music App Creation Easier

Posted November 3

Nowadays, pretty much every musician has at least one app (Bjork, for one, has an entire app album). Now, it’ll be even easier for enterprising developers to create music apps using data from EMI musicians, thanks to a new partnership with EMI and the Echo Nest.

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