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Fan Army Manifestos: The Wanted’s “TWFanmily”

Posted June 14

It’s rare that a band’s name so aptly describes how it’s perceived by its fans, but such is the case with British boy band, The Wanted. Their fan army, TWFANmily, wants, needs, revers the band so much that they have — quite literally — dedicated each day of the week to a different band member. Bet they wish that that other British boy band’s jam, “Eight Days A Week,” would be made manifest so that there would be yet another 24 hours for loving.

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The Wanted Talk: Their Fan Army, TWFANmily

Posted May 1

Ever wonder what it’s like to have millions of fans hanging on your every tweet? Meticulously maintaining Instagram accounts and blogs dedicated to your very existence? Willing to relinquish their souls to a variety of devils for a single glance? Well, British boy band The Wanted has tasted that kind of reverence and, according to them, it’s extremely flattering — if not a little scary.

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