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Listen Online: The Weeknd’s Sultry Take on Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night”

Posted November 2

Listening to The Weeknd is like cruising down a dark road at 3am after making some epically bad decisions — while listening to some crackly “remix after dark” station and quite possibly crying. One can only imagine what would happen if you threw some dance-y Gaga in there. Scratch that. You don’t have to imagine, because The Weeknd just dropped a remix of Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night.”

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Marilyn Manson Grabs Too Much Ass For TV Award

Posted October 27

Sequester yourself away from prying eyes, because we’re primed to announce the winner of our Too Much Ass For TV Award: Marilyn Manson, for his utterly creepastic “Born Villain.”

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Music & Tech Around The Web: The Weeknd Remix, Noms & Amazon Jams

Posted September 28

We know you’re super busy voting for your favorite artist/app/whatever in the O Music Awards, but the web keeps spinning. Here’s a sampling of what’s been going down online.

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