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They Might Be Giants Resurrect “Dial-a-Song”

Posted February 8

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In anticipation of their forthcoming album Nanobots, coming out on March 5, They Might Be Giants have released a new (free, iOS) app that streams a different song from the band’s vast repertoire each day.

The app is the latest incarnation of the band’s version of the legendary Dial-A-Song service. For those who don’t remember, Dial-A-Song began as a phone service running from 1983 to 2006. You could call a Brooklyn-based phone number and listen to a different They Might Be Giants song recorded on the answering machine each day, provided that the notoriously fickle machine was functioning.

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They Might Be Giants Call Upon Kids Around The World To Be In Their Video

Posted July 10

Crowd-sourcing a music video is becoming a tried and true practice for many a musician, but generally the audience that those artists reach out to comprises young adults or, to use the jargon-y term, “digital natives.” Now, it seems, the band They Might Be Giants is giving the even younger set a chance to be sourced with their new video for “Alphabet of Nations.”

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4th Of July Playlist: Anthems From They Might Be Giants, Free Energy, Slam Donahue & More

Posted July 3

If you reside in the U.S of A, you’re likely gearing up for a day of fireworks, ice-cold beer and rampant cheering — otherwise known as the Fourth of July (that’s tomorrow, for those of you who lack a calendar). To get you even more pumped than you likely already are (put down the sparklers, kids, it’s still the 3rd), we’ve compiled a playlist of personal anthems chosen by an array of awesome bands. Some bands picked their own songs, some picked classics, some (ahem, Slam Donahue) gave us copious tunes to choose from. Check out the tunes and the bands’ explanations after the jump and make sure to share your anthem in the comments below.

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