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Music & Tech Around The Web: Tumblr App Updates, Grooveshark Goes HTML5 & More

Posted September 6

What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it? Nothing, he just let out a little wine. If you’re commiserating with the grape in lieu of laughing at it, perhaps some links are in order. Jump on down for a lovely array.

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3 Tumblrs That Put A New Spin On Album Art

Posted January 12

As we wander toward the day when album art will become wholly obsolete (Music will eventually just be implanted directly into our brainpans in 5 years), it’s nice to see so many valiant Tumblr-ers celebrating vinyl sleeves with creative takes on classic covers. Check out a cadre of examples of such anachronistic artistry after the jump.

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Hey Artists: Get Ready For Some Tumblr Fan Mail

Posted January 5

Contacting your favorite Tumblr bloggers has always been a rather cumbersome process. Yes, you can send messages via that “Ask Me Anything” feature, but not everyone enables that chestnut. Now, it seems, Tumblr will be making it even easier to contact bloggers via the flatteringly monikered feature, “Fan Mail.”

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