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This Blogger Will Wear a Rock T-Shirt To Your Wedding

Posted December 8

The other day, we marveled at Minor Thread, a blog that documents Isac Walter’s concert T-shirt obsession. Walter has challenged himself to wear a different T every day and blog about it, and as of today, he’s up to 150 days of continuous merch-wearing. Walter took some time out from presiding over his impressive collection to chat with us about how the blog came to be, his favorite bands, and envy-inducing custom-made Green Day Ts.

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Music Meter Monday: Class Actress Talks Hooks, Drama & Tumblr

Posted November 14

For this edition of MTV Music Meter Monday — in which we highlight a band that’s climbing the digital charts — we talked with Class Actress’ Elizabeth Harper about hooks, drama and how much sharing is too much sharing (both online and off).

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Follow the O Music Awards now!

Posted August 10

Technology is an integral part of The O Music Awards – we want the awards to be as interactive as the stuff we’re celebrating.  The digital revolution has changed the way we get our music, talk about music, and share music with our friends.  Social media has broken down barriers for a wide range of independent artists that might have otherwise never seen the glow of your iPod. From Napster to Spotify, from Pitchfork to The Hype Machine, there are tons of different ways online to discover, curate, make, and share the music you love (and the music you hate!).

The first O Music Awards were a blast.  We met new internet friends here and across the globe. We trended on Twitter and brought you the longest freestyle rap EVER (see #rapworldrecord). We Tumblr’d our favorite animated gif’s. We met almost all of Tokio Hotel’s fan army (and Gaga’s…and Glambert’s…to name just a few). We’ve made thousands of connections on Facebook.

But we want to hear more! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and keep up with the categories and nominations.  Last time we picked all of the categories and nominees. This time, we’re looking for your help. Suggest new categories and nominees and tell us what’s so cool we don’t even know about it yet!