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Turntable.fm Founder Launches Music Discovery App With A Human Side

Posted April 11

Were you a fan of the discovery aspects of social listening service Turntable.fm, but found the whole stress of DJing on the fly and all the incessant chatting to be a little too much? Well, the founders of that once-uber-popular service are out with a new iOS app today — one that lets you listen to tunes that friends discover on your own time.

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April Fools! 5 Music & Tech-Related Pranks

Posted April 1

Gullible types, beware — the calendar has finally fallen on that most horrific of days, the scourge of idiots, illiterates and journalists (and sometimes a combination of the three) alike: April Fools Day.

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Turntable.fm Launches Pandora-Like Social Music App

Posted December 4

Do you miss the heyday of the once uber buzzy Turntable.fm? Well, fret not, the founders of the social listening service are coming out with a new app called Piki, and it focuses much more on music than it does on gorillas and gameplay.

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Turntable.fm Amps Up The Party With Bigger Rooms

Posted November 14

We haven’t heard much from social music service Turntable.fm for a while now, but today the platform is out with some big news — literally. The site has increased the size of its rooms (there used to be a 200-person limit) allowing casual users access to even the most packed of arenas and power users an even bigger audience.

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WTF Wednesday: Tino Coury Is A Little Late To The Turntable.fm Party

Posted September 26

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, in which bands tell us what the f**k they’re looking at online. This week, we caught up with Tino Coury, who told us all about his newfound love for Turntable.fm.

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