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Uniform Motion Gets Transparent With Crowd-Facing Album Release

Posted February 12

Crowdfunding in the music sphere hit an all-time high in 2012, with bands from all levels (from Amanda Palmer to Bowerbirds) turning to their fans for the monetary aid needed to launch new creative products. While the trend has been lauded by many, there are tons of skeptics out there wondering about the ROI of such endeavors. Translation: Are the fans getting what they paid for? Well, one band from France recently launched a crowd-facing campaign that seeks to show the fans exactly where their contributions fit in — both monetarily and creatively.

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A Musician Explains: How Does An Artist Get Paid By a Subscription Service?

Posted April 24

Welcome to the O Music Awards guest writer series, a place where we hand the proverbial reins over to qualified writers/musicians/etc and let them share their thoughts about music, technology and more. Today’s guest blogger is Andrew Richards, from the band Uniform Motion.

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