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Father John Misty On: Captaining The Coachella Cruise & DJ Culture

Posted January 8

If we learned anything about Josh Tillman of Father John Misty during a backstage chat at last month’s Coachella cruise it’s that, 1). His sense of humor is dark and deadpanned deadly, 2). He is most certainly not a DJ — although he is what he plays (more on this below). In fact, he’s not too keen on electronic music culture as a whole.

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DJ Alf Alpha Just Wanted To Play Coachella Before The World Ended

Posted January 7

As you all know, the world was primed to end on December 21, 2012 (an event that thankfully did not transpire). And before the alleged destruction was to go down, DJ Alf Alpha had one goal: To play Coachella — an aim he achieved in spades, including the ultimate in Coachella experiences, the SS Coachella cruise. We caught up with Alf Alpha during the festivities to chat about the experience in general, as well as what he thinks is on the horizon for DJ culture in 2013.

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The Black Lips On: The Coachella Cruise & How The Past Inspires

Posted January 3

The other week, the O Music Awards took to the high seas on the SS Coachella with the aim of chatting up bands about the buoyant experience, as well as their favorite innovations of 2012. The Black Lips — who are old hands at performing at sea — let us bend their ears before playing their second set on the Jamaica leg of the voyage, telling us that they often look to the past when looking to the future.

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Yeasayer On: The Coachella Cruise & Their Top Innovations Of 2012

Posted January 2

While our intrepid readers were sleeping in and stuffing their guts, the OMA crew took to the high seas on the SS Coachella this holiday season to check out one of this year’s most innovative music festivals. In the midst of finding our sea legs — and fighting for a prime hot-tubbing spot — we spoke with a cadre of bands about their top innovations of 2012 as well as what it’s like to play tunes while catching waves. First up, we caught up with Yeasayer, who seemed to be suffering from a case of cabin fever.

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WTF Wednesday: Max From FIDLAR Can, Indeed, Surf — The Web

Posted December 12

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, where bands show us what the f**k they’re looking at online. This week, we caught up with FIDLAR (F**k It Dog Life’s A Risk), whose drummer, Max Kuehn, is a weird Web sh*t connoisseur.

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