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Meet Beyond The DJ Nominee: Grimes

Posted May 24

Claire Boucher is a pixie-like musician who falls somewhere between Enya and Mariah Carey — fully chilled-out and chillout-able, but with a poppy, vocal-twisting edge. She’s also an artist who most often performs all on her lonesome, looping her voice into echoing patterns and backing it all with sounds coaxed from a sea of boards and wires. While executing her solo stage show, she goes by the name of Grimes — a persona that has garnered her an O Music Awards nomination for Beyond The DJ: Most Innovative Solo Performer. Find out more about the girl behind Grimes after the jump.

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iamamiwhoami Drops New Track, “Rascal,” Before Debut Album In June

Posted May 8

In what could quite possibly be the slowest musical burn in history, YouTube phenomenon iamamiwhoami is out with yet another track/video from her upcoming album Kin, due out June 11. The song is titled “Rascal,” and features singer Jonna Lee frolicking in the desert sand.

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Music & Tech Around The Web: Amazing Drummers, Album Streams & Tweets For $$$

Posted April 24

The week has only begin to emerge from the smoking ruins of the ‘end, and our RSS feeds are already positively replete with news. Before you freak out — overwhelmed by this bounteous abundance of knowledge — click on down yonder. We’ve rounded up some of today’s top stories for you, a potpourri of music and tech news that sure to keep you relevant from the record store to the app store.

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Music & Tech Around The Web

Posted April 19

Don’t have time to sift through the plethora of music and tech news that the web has to offer? Don’t worry, we don’t have anything better to do! Check out some of today’s top stories — Spotify apps, vinyl sales, cat videos and more — after the jump.

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The Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Interactive In New Video

Posted February 6

As has been noted time and time again, the experience of watching music videos is becoming more lean-forward as the web increasingly becomes the destination for that art form. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are out with a new interactive video for the single “Look Around” off of their tenth studio album I’m With You that plays right into this burgeoning trend.

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