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Music & Tech Around The Web: Dave Grohl’s SXSW Keynote, Twitter Tunes & More

Posted March 15

Happy Friday, kids! We’re getting ready to depart SXSW — all limbs intact — and we’re taking some time to peruse all the news we missed while darting ’round Austin. You should, too.

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Three New Ways Musicians Can Get Cash For Tunes

Posted October 9

It’s become a tired old refrain in the music industry of late: “Bands don’t make money from music nowadays! That’s just madness! They make money from touring and merch sales!” Obviously, the question of how musicians can survive in these modern, techie times — replete with streaming services and illegal downloads — is a fraught one, but there are a few new avenues of revenue out there that can help line a band’s pocket. Read on for three.

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Add Some Musical Levity To Your Next Cat Video, Thanks To Rumblefish’s New Partnership

Posted November 10

Yes, it’s extremely easy to steal tunes off of the web and use them to score your homemade videos — but, shocker, that’s not legal (which could be a major issue if you ever want to do anything legitimate with that short film you made about the mating habits of swans). Luckily, music licensing company Rumblefish has just entered a partnership with APM Music (a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing) that will make it easier for content creators to stay above board.

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