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Music & Tech Around The Web: Pandora Reacts To iTunes Radio, Daft Punk Get Catty & More

Posted June 11

The O Music Awards are almost a week away. Keep on VOTING! But first, some links!

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Make A Vine, Win MNDR’s Glasses

Posted May 9

Here’s a quick hit for your thirsty Thursday night: O Music Award winner MNDR (and star of our interactive music video) is running a fun little contest on Vine at the moment, the prize for which is a pair of her signature glasses!

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Musician Creates Interactive Air Organ With Vine

Posted April 26

Back when video-sharing service Vine dropped in January, we speculated on all the myriad ways musicians could use the service. Now, slowly but surely, bands and companies are rolling out tools and projects that take advantage of the service’s functionality. The most recent entrant into the Vine/music world? Musician Noah Wall, who created an interactive song/instrument using Vine, an air organ, and a passel of household objects.

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