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Bands: What Social Networks Should You Focus On?

Posted January 18

Artists — particularly those that are independent or unsigned and do not have support of major labels or management in handling their social media presence — are often unsure of where to even start. The Q&A portions of music conferences nowadays invariably involve questions about where artists should place their social focus, how widespread their presence should be and what is most likely going to help them get their music heard. In the data provided in Next Big Sound’s recently published State of the Industry report for 2012, there are several insights that artists looking to answer these question can walk away with.

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Don’t Just Use Wikipedia To Write Papers — Listen To Music, Too

Posted September 28

Wikipedia — it’s the de facto source for many a high school student’s history paper as well as a major no-no in the world of journalistic sources. Whether you trust its contents or not, however, it is a pretty decent repository for… well, everything in the world — including music. Hence the genius of a little hack called SpotiPedia, which was built on top of the online encyclopedia’s trove of info and thusly allows you to listen to any band your little heart desires.

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Wikipedia For Rap Will Help You Break Lyrics Down

Posted August 29

If you’re the kind of person who’s really into lyrics — storing them in your fevered brain for future karaoke use — Rap Genius is a must-bookmark site.

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