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RIP: O Music Awards Winner, Nyan Cat

Posted November 2

Sadness grips the hearts of the denizens of OMA HQ today, as we have just heard that Marty (a.k.a. Nyan Cat), winner of the WTF I Love This Award, passed away Thursday.

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Meet Lil Bub, An Internet-Famous Cat For The Alt Set

Posted July 17

Cats and the Internet go together like fire and kindling — that is to say, they’re “hot.” Consequently, a lot of the more virally famous kitties seem a little, shall we say, “mainstream” for more indie-leaning tastes. Yes, that genre is decidedly choked with saccharine clips and snaps of overly coiffed cats leaping out of boxes, “ninja”-ing around corners and doling out (obviously) rehearsed hugs to their progeny, and although those among the hipster set might tweet a puss for the sake of “irony,” there really hasn’t been a creature worthy of tattooing on one’s arm in the feline oeuvre. Until now. Meet Lil Bub, the super unique perma kitten who lives in a recording studio, hangs with bands and has been spotted emblazoned on totes carried by the denizens of Brooklyn’s most alt trains.

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Drinkify Wins The WTF I Love This Award

Posted June 28

The hack that creates drink recipes from band names, Drinkify, has won the WTF I Love This Award! Now go make a cocktail out of your favorite musician and celebrate! If you’re legal, that is.

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