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O Music Awards Flashback: Yoko Ono Is Extremely Rad

Posted June 14

Welcome to our Daily O Music Awards Flashback! So here’s the deal, throughout the year, we keep our proverbial finger on the pulse of the music/tech scene, reporting on what we think are the coolest bands/apps/WTF wonders on the Web. And those things that we report on — well, they are often nominated for O Music Awards! Over the next few weeks — leading up to the main event on June 19 — we’ll be revisiting stories that feature O Music Awards nominees. Today, we’re reviving our interview with Digital Genius nominee Yoko Ono.

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Yoko Ono: EDM Is Not Just A Young Person’s Game

Posted April 24

EDM (or electronic dance music) infiltrated the mainstream full-force last year, with The Grammys highlighting the genre and MTV VMAs launching an EDM category. Given its status as the PYT du jour of the music scene, one might presume that its denizens are all — how to put this delicately — hella young (genre figurehead Skrillex is just 25). Well, Yoko Ono — who just turned 80 — is out to prove that that isn’t the case. The artist, who has been experimenting with music for decades now, recently collaborated with EDM producer Dave Audé on the first dance track she has ever co-written, “Hold Me” — a number-one single no less.

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Yoko Ono Launches App & Art Project Encouraging You To Smile

Posted June 18

O Music Award nominee Yoko Ono had an impossible dream 45 years ago: “My ultimate goal in film-making is to make a film which includes a smiling face snap of every single human being in the world,” she said nearly half a century ago. Today, thanks to the growing ubiquity of mobile devices like the iPhone, the musician just might reach her goal — thanks to new app #smilesfilm.

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